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I love to create. making a piece you can touch and use, that with the years will become more and more beautiful, is a wonderful experience."

- Austin

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Austin Young

Hi, I’m Austin Young a city kid from Arizona that became mountain man in Montana and I have a passion for creating beautiful things. I create to fuel my happiness. I believe that simple things can be beautiful and that complex designs can be functional. Good design comes from understanding a material, then learning about what it needs to do and where it is going to live. I love to collaborate on interesting projects and I’m excited to start a dialogue, learn about you, and create something beautiful together.

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where do we source our wood


We reclaim wood from old building all across Montana; barns, water towers, and more. There is some amazing solid wood to be found out there, half the fun is finding it.



We partner with local sources to make sure the wood is a responsible building material grown in Montana. Forests cover about one quarter of Montana’s land area. The forests west of the Continental Divide include Ponderosa and Lodgepole Pine, Douglas Fir, Larch, Grand Fir, Spruce, Western Hemlock and Western Red Cedar while Ponderosa Pine dominates the drier east side. Deciduous native species include Box Elder, Paper Birch, Green Ash, Balsam Poplar, Cottonwood, Aspen, Buckthorn, Willow and Elm.



We love Montana and we are committed to protecting biodiversity, water quality, fish and wildlife habitat, and to reducing fire hazards across federal, state, industrial, tribal, and family-owned forests through responsible harvesting and forest practices. We do this by partnering with specific mills that match our values.

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A Sampling of Our latest products

We love to create modern designs that fit into any home. Our products are made to showcase and hold your treasures.

Wood Photo Ledge

From $ 49

Redwood Photo Block

From $ 29

Modern Wood Desk

From $ 249

Farm Table & Bench

From $ 1249

Modern Side Table

From $ 89

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A Collection of some of my favorite projects

I love seeing a finished piece come to life out of the wild idea that started in my head. All it takes is patience and the knowledge to work with a raw piece of wood."

- Austin

current project

The Camper

How do you up-cycle an old vintage camper? A lot of classic vintage campers only get to live one life, but when Austin saw an old worn down camper for sale his mind started creating a new life for it. He tore it down and rebuilt every inch of it, maintaining it’s classic design and completely repurposing it for a whole new adventure. It is currently being transformed into a modern Photo Booth and Snow Cone Bar.


The Cabin

How do you save a hundred year old cabin? You start by seeing the potential in it. Austin took on the impossible project of making a weathered uninhabitable old structure into something that would be featured in a Glamorous Camping magazine. It took 2 years of hard work and determination to lovingly turn the oldest building on a 60 acre farm into a beautiful handcrafted wood home.


The Venue

How do you create a venue that can go anywhere? Austin had an idea for a stage venue that you can setup anywhere. He created a custom designed trailer to be able to haul, unfold, and setup an entire mobile wedding venue in the middle of a field, inside a hanger, or wherever the perfect location might be. It’s a beautiful wood barn design with an entire stage for a band or DJ.



Random Projects

A repurposed piano, An old water tank made out of 20 foot redwood planks, A wooden chandelier, an Octagon Room, A second floor deck,  This is a hodgepodge of fun projects Austin has worked on.


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